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Since becoming a full-time wildfowl sculptor in 1992, I have been given many unbelievable opportunities and challenges. To mention a few are my Great Blue Heron sculpture, "A Touch of Blue," and my Bald Eagle carving, "Power and Grace."

When I was commissioned to do these pieces, I wanted to create some of the most dynamic and complex wood carving ever seen. Each of these carvings took in excess of 12 months to create.

As you go through my gallery, you will notice I have several passions. First and foremost is my love for birds in flight. I am very partial to raptors, game birds and wildfowl. I very much so want to put you, the viewer, in the field, to connect with the birds and experience this millisecond in time.


In 1999 I was selected by the committee of the Easton Waterfowl Festival to create the Masterpiece Woodarving for their 2001 show; the longest running Wildlife Art Show in the United States. The piece I created, "A Touch of Blue," was an elaborate diorama of a pair of Great Blue Herons rising out of a marsh. Standing at over 9 feel tall, it is the largest wood sculpture ever exhibited. This piece now resides in the Permanent Art Collection of The Bell Museum in Minneapolis, MN.

Still today, my heart skips a beat whenever I see a duck rise off the water, or a cackling pheasant as it erupts from the grass with its tail feathers twisting and curling, or a falcon in a dive from the heavens as it streaks towards its unsuspecting prey. These experiences are some of the things that drive me to my next creation.

I hope you enjoy this journey with me.


Are you looking for falcons?

I have been flying hawks since 1980 and breeding since 2008.

I have traveled across the U.S., Canada, and Alaska aquiring the best gyrfalcons available.

If you would like to know more information about my company GyrFarm, or our breeding programs and ordering options, please visit my website at www.GyrFarm.com

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